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. The Study of A Linear and Non-Linear Optical Property for PMMA Thin Films Doped with the Rhodamine B Laser Dye and Ag Nano Particles are Used in Medicine Abstract PDF
Mithaq M. Mehdy Al- Sultani
Volume 12 Issue 01 The Study of all the Optical, Electrical and the Performance Coefficients for the (Rhodamine B - Acriflavine) Laser Dyes Solar Cells Doped with Nanoparticles Abstract PDF
Mithaq M. Mehdy Al- Sultani
. The Study of Electrical Activity of the Triceps Brachia Muscle according to the Chemical Changes of Water Loss during Spike in Volleyball Abstract PDF
Haythem Ali Alsayigh
Volume 10 Issue 07: (2018) July 2018 The Study of Human Physiological Aspect; The Implementation of Clean Production Technology Through Participatory Ergonomic Decreases Workers’ Musculoskeletal Disorders Abstract PDF
Wahyu Susihono, I Putu Gede Adiatmika
Volume 08 Issue 07 The Study of Overweight and Obesity Predictors in Children Beginning Elementary School in Rasht City Abstract PDF
Nasrin Mokhtari
. The Survey of the Relationship between the Social Support and the Mental Health among the City of Tabriz Citizens in 2014 Abstract PDF
Mohsen Hojat
Volume 11 Issue 09: (2019) September 2019 The Synergistic Effect of Aspirin and Brassinolide Hormone in Some Enzymatic and Non-enzymatic Antioxidants of Caraway Plant (Carum carvi) Exposed to Water Stress Abstract PDF
Hayder Nasser Hussain Al-Mentafji
Volume 11 Issue 07 The Tolerability and Degradation Rate of Amoxicillin Alone and with Clavulanic Acid in the Acidic and Alkaline Medium Abstract PDF
Abbas Razzaq Abed
Volume 11 Issue 6. The Usage of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen in Children with Persistent Ductus Arteriosus Abstract PDF
. Yulistiani
Volume 11 Issue 6. The Use of Diuretics on Hepatic Cirrhosis Patient with Ascites Abstract PDF
Didik Hasmono
Volume 11 Issue 08 (2019) Aug. 2019 The Use of Methanolic Extract of Annona Muricata Linn Leaves as an Effective Anti-Hyperglycemia on Mice Abstract PDF
Anak Agung Wiradewi Lestari
. The Use Two Methods of Presentation Clarity and Individual Competition to Develop of Mental Energy Mobilization and Learn Some Basic Skills for Students in Football Abstract PDF
Khalil Hamid Mohammed Ali
Volume 10 Issue 07: (2018) July 2018 The Utility of Homemade ELISA Based Outer Membrane Proteins (OMP) of Salmonella Typhi in Diagnosis of Chronic Typhoid Carrier Abstract PDF
Thanaa R. Abdulrahman
Volume 11 Issue 04. The Validity Assessment of E-Cadherin Expression to Differentiate Ductal and Lobular Type Invasive Breast Carcinoma Abstract PDF
I Gusti Ayu Sri Mahendra Dewi
. The Vermicidal Effectivity of Wudani Leaf Extract (Quisqualis indica Linn) in Treating Infection caused by Gastrointestinal Worms in Cattle Abstract PDF
Ida Bagus Komang Ardana, Made Suma Anthara, Dan Anak Agung Gde Oka Dharmayudha, DK Harya Putra
Volume 11 Issue 03 Thermal Properties of Epoxy Resins and Phenol Formaldehyde Component with Differential on the Mixing Ratios and Reinforced by Nanoparticles Abstract PDF
Mustafa Ahmed Rajab
Volume 08 Issue 06 Thermodynamic Parameters, NBO Analysis, HOMO-LUMO and MEP Analysis of (5R)-2-Methyl-5-[(2S)-6-Methyl-5-Hepten-2-yl]-1,3-Cyclohexadiene Using HF and DFT Calculations Abstract PDF
Mahin Ahmadianarog
Volume 10 Issue 01 Thermodynamic Study of Reaction of Formation of Cd2 + Cation Complex and 18-Crown-6 Ligand in Two-Component Mixtures of Methanol / Ethyl Acetate, Acetonitrile / Ethyl Acetate, Tetrahydrofuran / Acetonitrile, Methanol / Dimethyl Formamide, Acetonitrile / Methanol And Dimethyl Sulfoxide / Acetonitrile Using Conductometry Method Abstract PDF
Ali Mohebi
Volume 10 Issue 01: (2018) Jan. 2018 Thiadiazole Cyclic Derivatives from Aldamine Compounds (Preparation, Characterization, Thermal Stability) Abstract PDF
Athraa Sahib Alrammahi
Volume 11 Issue 05. Thiamine, Riboflavin and Magnesium Level Correction in Improving the Quality of Life of Patients with Chronic Heart Failure Abstract PDF
Fatima Dzalaeva
. Thickness Effect on Some Physical Properties of the Ag Thin Films Prepared by Thermal Evaporation Technique Abstract PDF
Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed
Volume 09 Issue 12 Three and Four Membered Heterocyclic Rings Substituted Derivatives of Phenobarbital and Using CPE for Determination of PB (II) Abstract PDF
Ali Jassim Al-Zuhairi
Volume 10 Issue 06: (2018) June 2018 Three Novel Transition Metal with Ethylenediamine Complex Template Polyborates [Pt(en)3]4 [B5O6 (OH)4] Cl15, [Rh(en)3][B5O6 (OH)4]3∙ 10H2O, and [Zn(en)3] [B6O7 (OH) 6]· 2H2O have been Synthesized and Characterized by Elemental Analysis, FT-IR, H, 13C, 11B - NMR, TGA-DSC, Powder X-ray Diffraction and Magnetic Properties Abstract PDF
Mohammed A. Altahan
Volume 9 Issue 11 Tissue culture technician and in vitro screening of rice (Oryza sativa L) callus for salt tolerance Abstract PDF
Arshad Alhasnawi
Volume 12 Issue 01 Topical Applications of Caulerpa spp. Extract Preventing Skin Aging through Improving Skin Moisture, Pigmentation and Decrease Laxity Abstract PDF
Anak Agung Gde Putra Wiraguna
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