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Volume 10 : Issue 03 16Sr RNA Gene and reca Gene as Taxonomic Tool for Detection of Burkholderia Cepacia Isolated from Patients from Baghdad / Iraq Abstract PDF
Zahraa Kareem Raheem
Haripriya Munipalli
Volume 10 Issue 06: (2018) June 2018 A Brief Review of Probiotic: Action Mechanism, Benefits, and Clinical Application on Human Health Abstract PDF
Dewa Ayu Agus Sri Laksemi, I Ketut Tunas, Ni Luh Putu Eka Diarthini
Volume 10 Issue 12 : 2018 A Brief Review Self Nanoemulsifying Mouth Dissolving Film: Formulation and Applications in Herbal Medicine Abstract PDF
Lusi Nurdianti
Volume 11 Issue 10 (2019) October 2019 A Case of Proceeding Polycystic Kidney Progress to the End Stage Renal Failure Abstract PDF
Khayati Moudgil
Volume 10 Issue 12 : 2018 A Centralized Automated System of Monitoring Adverse Events of Medications- “Medreminder” Abstract PDF
Serikzhan Berdakhovich Sydykov
Volume 09 Issue 02 A Comparative Analysis of the Current Performance of University Deputies and Main Functions of Management Abstract PDF
Abbasali Karimi
. A Comparative Anatomical Study among Some Cultivars of Vitisvinifea L. in Iraq Abstract PDF
Aseel Kadim Al-Anbari
Volume 09 Issue 12: (2017) Dec. 2017 A Comparative Study between the Blood Pictures of Iraqi Camels Infected with Trypanosomiasis and the Blood Picture of the Healthy Iraqi Camels Abstract PDF
Zahra M. Al-Hakak
Volume 09 Issue 11: (2017) Nov. 2017 A Comparative Study for The Alcoholic Extract Effect of Ajwa Dates (Phoenix Dactylifera L) in Protection of the Hepatic and Renal Tissues from Toxicity Induced by Aspergillus Niger in Albino Rats Abstract PDF
Alaa Abdul Ali Al-Khafaf
Volume 10 Issue 05: (2018) May2018 A Comparative Study of Oxidation in the Preparation of Lacton and Bislacton Compounds and Biological Activity Study of Product Compounds Abstract PDF
Marwan Mohammed Farhan
Volume 10 Issue 10 : 2018 A Comparative Study of the Chemical Composition and Nutritional Value of Muscles in Different Zones in the Body of two Species of Teleosts; Greenback Mullet, Planiliza subviridis (Valenesciennes, 1836) and Abu Mullet, Planiliza abu (Heckel, 1843) Abstract PDF
Akeil Jameil Mansour
Volume 10 Issue 10 : 2018 A Comparative Study of the Level of Depression among Students in the Hostel at Anbar University Abstract PDF
Marwan Abdullatif
Volume 10 Issue 07: (2018) July 2018 A Comparative Study of Tuberculosis Diseases in Diyala Province in 2010 and 2015 Abstract PDF
Raghad Ibrahim
.Vol.8 Issue 12 A Comparison between the Effects of Nasal Lavage with Hypertonic, Isotonic and Hypotonic Saline Solutions for the Treatment of Chronic Sinusitis Abstract PDF
Nader Saki
Volume 10 Issue 07: (2018) July 2018 A First Record and Developmental Stages of an Exotic Species Cochlicellabarbara (Linnaeus, 1758) (Gastropoda-Cochicellidae) in Iraq Baghdad Abstract PDF
Maysaloon Lafta Al-Doori
Volume 10 Issue 05: (2018) May2018 A Forensic Study of Mycosis and its Relation ‎with Amphetamine Addiction Tests Abstract PDF
Suhailah M. Wahhoodee
. A Method for Tracking Eye Movements in the Study of Attention Selectivity in Social Anxiety Abstract PDF
Olga Sagalakova
.Vol.8 Issue 12 A Model to Evaluate Content Dimensions in Educational Institutes in order to establish a Knowledge Management System Abstract PDF
Dorsa Didehvar
Volume 10 Issue 08: (2018) August 2018 A Modern Strategy to Study the Life Cycle of Lesser House Fly and the Biological Control against the Bacterial Pathogens by Using the Larvae on the Bacterial Cultures Abstract PDF
Hussein JabarJasim
Volume 08 Issue 06 A New Method for Optimal Reconstruction of Radial Distribution Network; Case Study in KERMAN Abstract PDF
Mahdi Mozaffari Legha
Volume 11 Issue 05S: 2019 A Nobel Chemiluminescence and Fluorescence Energy Transfer Three Inlets Cell for the Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide via Continuous Flow Injection Analysis Abstract PDF
Nagam Shakir Turkie Al-Awadi
Volume 09 Issue 12: (2017) Dec. 2017 A Novel Anti-bacterial, Histopathological and Immunomodulatory Effect of Lactobacillus Reuteri and Exopolysaccharide in Pneumonia Model Abstract PDF
Likaa Mahdi
Volume 11 Issue 05S: 2019 A Novel Instrumental Method for the Determination of Cobalt (II) ion using NAG-ADF-300-2 Analyser, via the Formation of a Precipitating Reaction Product Through On-Line Long Distance (300 mm) and Short Path Length (2 mm) Chasing of Sample Segment Abstract PDF
Nagam Shakir Turkie Al-Awadi
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