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Volume 11 Issue 04 Clinical Applications of Doppler Ultrasound in Obstetrics Abstract PDF
Rowshan Jawad Azeez
. Clinical Aspects of Tetanus in Bali, Indonesia Abstract PDF
mahadewa gde bagus tjokorda
Volume 10 : Issue 03 Clinical Measures for the Cytokine Levels After and Before Hirudotherapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Abstract PDF
Dina A. A. AL-Roubaey
Volume 11 Issue 03 Clinical Study for Oxidative Stress and Lipid Profile Levels in Patients with Cardiac Arrhythmias Abstract PDF
Mohammed. L. A. Al-Baaj
Volume 10 : Issue 03 Cloning and Expression of GST-HMPREF0351_11084 Gene in JM105 Cells: A New Potential Protein Vaccine for Pneumococcal Abstract PDF
Sddiq Ghani Al-Muhanna
Volume 11 Issue 04 Coating of Plastic Materials with Metals Under Low Pressure Abstract PDF
Ban Khalid Mohammed
Volume 10 Issue 10 : 2018 Color Stability of Coated Stainless Steel Arch wires Measured by Visible Spectrophotometer (An In-Vitro Study) Abstract PDF
Abeer Basim Mahmood
Volume 11 Issue 04 Combination of Chitosan and Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) Essential Oil as Edible Coating to Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo L) Quality and Shelf Life during Storage Abstract PDF
Nguyen Phuoc Minh
Volume 10 Issue 05: (2018) May2018 Combination of Pandan (Pandanus Amaryllifolius) Extract and Dragon Fruit (Hylecereus Polyhizus) Pulp for Jam Production Abstract PDF
Nguyen Phuoc Minh
Volume 11 Issue 03 Combined Effect of Nanoparticles and Leuconostoc mesentroides ssp. cremoris Bacteriocin against Listeria monocytogenes Isolated from Locally Soft Cheese Abstract PDF
Nibras Nazar Mahmood
Volume 11 Issue 04 (2019) April 2019 Comorbidity of the Metabolic Syndrome: Hyperuricemia, Gallstone Disease, Hormonal Disorders Abstract PDF
Raisa A. Aringazina
Volume 10 Issue 06: (2018) June 2018 Comparative Analysis of Types of Liability and Punishments for the Falcification of Mediсines in Countries of European Union Abstract PDF
Tulegenova Аigerim
.Vol. 9 Issue 10 Comparative Anatomical and Histological Study of the Liver in Three Species of Wild Birds in Iraq Abstract PDF
Hussein A. Al-hamadawi
.Vol.8 Issue 12 Comparative Evaluation of IL-1β levels in Gingival Crevicular Fluid (GCF) of the Teeth Supporting Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns (P.F.M) Abstract PDF
Sirous Risbaf Fakour
. Comparative Histological Study of Teat in Jenubi Cow and Her Crossbreed Abstract PDF
Karim H. Al-Derawi
Volume 10 Issue 05: (2018) May2018 Comparative Laboratory Study: Phytoremediation Ability for Lead, Cadmium, and Copper Using Three Aquatic Plants from the Tigris River in Baghdad City/Iraq Abstract PDF
ZR Taha
Volume 10 Issue 10 : 2018 Comparative Study According to Absolute Power and Muscular Activity (EMG) between Leg and Arm Muscles for Weightlifting Trainees Abstract PDF
Ghassan Adeeb Abdlhassan
Volume 10 Issue 10 : 2018 Comparative Study between some Species of Cassia and Senna from Fabaceae Family Using Leaf Epidermal Characters Abstract PDF
Zainab A. Al-Lamy
Volume 10 Issue 05: (2018) May2018 Comparative Study for Measurement the Diameter of Red and White Muscle Fibers in two Iraqi Fish Species Barbus Grypus (Heckel, 1843) and Barbus Sharpeyi (Gunter, 1874) Abstract PDF
Mohammed W. H. AL-Muhanna
Volume 10 Issue 10 : 2018 Comparative Study for Photocatalytic Degradation of Bromo Phenol Blue by Some Nanoparticales Semiconductors Abstract PDF
Amer Muosa Juda
Volume 10 Issue 11 (2018) November 2018 Comparative Study of Phytochemical and Phytomineral Analysis of Selected Peel Powders Abstract PDF
Gana Manjusha Kondepudi
Volume 10 Issue 09S Compare the Forms of ACE Gene According to Maximum Oxygen Consumption before and After the Lactic Voltage in 1500 Meters Running Players Abstract PDF
Alia Abdulkhader Safah
.Vol.8 Issue 12 Comparing Autoimmune Hypothyroidism Patients with Normal Subjects in Terms of Serum Vitamin D Abstract PDF
Alireza Mehdizadeh
Volume 08 Issue 06 Comparing the Anxiety of Children When Entering and Leaving the Operating Room with and without the Presence of Parents Abstract PDF
navid kalani
Volume 10 Issue 10 : 2018 Comparing the Gene ACE Variant with Some Cardiac Muscle Variables for Handball Players Abstract PDF
Nagham Salman Kareem
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