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Volume 12 Issue 01 The Effects of Topical Adenosine Agonists (Limonene) on Induced Ocular Hypertension in Rabbits Abstract PDF
Amal Haitham Hameed
. The Effects of Using a Geometric Shaped Sponge on the Physiological Motion and Kinematics Variables to Perform the Front-Hand Somersault Skill Abstract PDF
Mohammed Jasim Mohammed Al-Khalidi
Volume 11 Issue 05. The Effects of Varieties Sources of Omega- 3 Fatty Acids on Diabetic Male Rats Abstract PDF
Eman A. Al-Rekabi
Volume 12 Issue 06 (2020) June 2020 The Efficacy of Hydraulic Pressure Sinus Lift VS osteotome Lift via Crestal Approach Utilizing Sinus Endoscopy (Randomized Clinical Study) Abstract PDF
Aseel Hamid Madab
Volume 10 Issue 05: (2018) May2018 The Efficacy of Vinegar against Contaminated Bacterial Isolates from the Hospital Environmental Abstract PDF
Ashwaq MS Al-Jbouri
. The Emotional Sensitivity of University Student's Girls to the Practices and Non-practices of Sport Abstract PDF
Hind Salem Tayeh
. The Employment of Standard Addition Method for the UV Spectrophotometric Assay of Diclofenac Alkaline Salts in Variant Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Abstract PDF
Zaid Mahdi Jaber Al-Obaidi
Volume 11 Issue 03 The Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Expression in Leptin-Treated Traumatic Oral Ulcer in Rats Abstract PDF
Sabreen S. Abed
Volume 10 Issue 10: 2018 The Estimate of Heterosis Effects of Sheep Body Weights in Different Ages Abstract PDF
Abdullah Hameed Salim
Volume 10 Issue 10 (2018) October 2018 The Evaluation of Entrance Surface Dose and Quality of Radiograph in Thorax Radiological Examination Abstract PDF
Hermawan Dwi S
Volume 11 Issue 07 The Evaluation of IL-4, IL-6 and Histopathology Study in Mice Infected with Entamoeba histolytica and Treated with Proteins Extracted from Shrimp Abstract PDF
Mariam Shareef Abdul Hussein
. The Exploratory Orientations of the Brain and Correlated with the Performance of Some Tennis Skills for Students Abstract PDF
Rawaa Allawi Kadhim
Volume 10 Issue 10: 2018 The Extent to Which Some of the Infant Formulas Available in Iraqi Markets Conform to the Standards and Meet the Requirements of Ideal Infant Growth Abstract PDF
Mohanad Abbood Alhamid
. The Gap Analysis and Measurement of Customer Satisfaction in the Delivery of Services in Isfahan Province Gas Company Based on Parasuraman Model Abstract PDF
Abdol Ali Keshtegar
Volume 10 Issue 06: (2018) June 2018 The Hydrogen and Sulfur Surfaces Effect on the Structural and Electronic Properties of Graphene Nano Ribbon Abstract PDF
Huda Bukheet Hassan
. The Impact of a Training Program Using Brain-based Learning Theory in the Development of Creative Thinking and Skills of Passing and Scoring of Young Player's Handball Abstract PDF
Nabeel. Kazem Heribd
Volume 12 Issue 06 (2020) June 2020 The Impact of Age and Parity in the Incident of Premature Rupture Membranes (PRM) Abstract PDF
Tinuk Esti Handayani
Volume 10 Issue 06: (2018) June 2018 The Impact of Effective Teaching Strategies in a Variety of Physical Variables and Some Basic Skills for Students in Volleyball Abstract PDF
Thuraya Jwaid Mohin
Volume 11 Issue 08 (2019) Aug. 2019 The Impact of Extraintistinal amobiosis on TP53 Gene in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Abstract PDF
Basheer. Abd. Nasralla
Volume 11 Issue 07 The Impact of FLG Mutation and TRBV Insertion/deletion Gene Polymorphism in Molluscum Contagiosum and Papillomavirus Iraqi Patients Abstract PDF
Saba Amer Mughir Al-Ammar
. The Impact of Iron Deficiency Anemia on Histomorphological Features of Placenta and the New Born Infants Abstract PDF
Rafah Hady Lateef Al-Mamouri
Volume 08 Issue 02 The Impact of it Strategic Planning on Human Resource Management Information System Abstract PDF
Hakimeh Shahriyari
. The Impact of Programmed Learning Strategies and Integrative Information Fragmenting in the Development of Psychological Compatibility and Capabilities and Distinctive Explosive Speed and Completion of the Effectiveness of the Long Jump for Students Abstract PDF
Zuhair Saleh Majhool
Volume 10 Issue 10: 2018 The Impact of Quality Exercises in the Development of Compatibility and Motor Elasticity and Learning the Skill of Preparing for Students in Volleyball Abstract PDF
Firas Kahsop Rashid
Volume 10 Issue 05: (2018) May2018 The Impact of Small Games use in Reducing Psychological Pollution and the Development of Psychological Skills and the Most Important Physical Abilities and Learn the Effectiveness of Running 100 Meter Abstract PDF
Mohammed Abdulreda Salman
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