A Comparative Analysis of the Current Performance of University Deputies and Main Functions of Management

Abbasali Karimi


Introduction: the organizations are established for the realization of the certain goals and the level of achieving to these goals depends on performance of organization. The Organization's performance quality depends on main performance of organization management, while managers mainly perform their main tasks (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling). Evidence suggests that the failure of any organization in achieving its mission and vision is a serious issue. Lack of attention to main functions of management among the usual programs of managers is one of the major reasons for this failure. The aim of this study was to compare the current performance of the medical science university deputies with the main functions of management. This study was a cross-sectional research, which its population included educational, health, cultural, student, support, food and medicine deputies of Yasuj medical science university in the years 2010-2011. Deputies trained on recording the current performance and main functions of management collected data required to study. In this process, a researcher-developed tool was used, which includes the type of activity, time spent on each activity and its method. The validity of this tool was determined by using the opinions of experts and its reliability was determined by Cronbach's alpha (0.84). These activities were recorded during the entire week of one year and one day per week. Then, data inserted in forms were coded by researchers and they were analyzed after entering to SPSS software. The results showed that almost 90% of activities of university deputies were consistent with their written organizational functions. However, 47 percent of all recorded activities were among the main functions of management: planning with 17%, organizing with 16%, leading with 9%, and controlling with about 5%. In other words, about 53%time of deputies at their account ability location belonged to activities apart from the basic functions of management. the prerequisite for the dynamics of the organization, and to achieve goals focus on the main management functions. According to the findings of this study, it seems firstly that designing organizational structure (including the hierarchy, description of duties and functions, conditions) needs to serious reviewing and revising so that description of functions and duties notified to them to be in line with main functions of the management and it does not include merely the usual performance. Secondly, with an inadequate focus on the core functions of management by managers, health sector that has special sensitivity in society is deprived of optimal guidance and achieving to organizational goals will be very difficult.

Keywords: Management, performance, Health sector, Planning, organizing, University Deputies.

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