Azotation and Coupling Reaction of Amino Oxadiazole Ligands with (Characterization, Chromatography, Solubility) Study

Muhammed Abdel Hasan Shallal


This  paper  involved   reaction  between   two moles of   semicarbazide   with  mole  of  diethyl malonate which   refluxed   for ( 17 hrs ) in absolute  ethanol   then  added ( 4 ml ) of  H2SO4 to produce amino  oxadiazole  , the  resulting  compound   used     in  azotation  then  coupling   reaction with  various   coupling  derivatives   of  phenol ( p-hydroxy benzaldehyde , p-hydroxy benzoic acid , p-hydroxy  nitrobenzene , p- hydroxyl toluene , p- hydroxyl phenol )to produce novel  oxadiazole   derivatives   as  a ligands .The above  ligands  were investigated    through   their spectral  methods  (UV- Vis , FTIR  ,1HNMR  , Mass ) , Chromatography  technique   and  studying  of  solubility  in  series   solvents.

Keywords: Soluble, Series, Hydroxyl.

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