A Review on Role of miRNA in Kidney Diseases

Priyadarshini .


micro RNA or miRNA are short non-coding RNAs species that inhibit target gene expression by blocking
protein translation or by mRNA degradation. Several studies have shown that miRNAs regulate
thousands of gene expressions throughout the genomic machinery and play important roles in the
physiological and pathological events. In addition, miRNA play important role in pathogenesis of various
renal diseases, including diabetic nephropathy, renal carcinoma, polycystic kidney diseases, allograft
rejection etc. miRNA as a biomarker has been an area of intensive researches, as it has been discovered
to be potential therapeutic tools to manage several diseases. Therapeutic potential of miRNA-based
treatment though promising but various challenges such as target specificity is still to be explored.
Identification of miRNA and their target can provide a novel therapeutic candidate for curing various
kidney diseases. In this review, we have stated the role of various miRNAs in the development of various

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