Biological Activity of Cefotaxime Sodium and their Complexes with Iron and Copper Metals

Ayad M.J. Almamoori


This investigation was designed to compare between inhibitory effect of cefotaxime sodium and their complexes with heavy metals (iron and copper). In this study, five concentrations were used in range from 0.01 M to 0.005 M for cefotaxime sodium and 0.005 mL, 0.01mL from FeCl3 with 0.01mL cefotaxime sodium, and 0.005ml CuCl2 with 0.01mL cefotaxime. The statistical analysis results showed that cefotaxime sodium (0.01mL) have a highest inhibition effect on bacterial growth, and iron have a synergistic effect with cefotacime more than Copper. Also it was found that, E.coli species were recorded as most affected species by cefotaxime sodium, and their complexes relative to other species.

Keywords: Biological activity, Cefotaxime sodium, Heavy metals, Cefotaxime sodium, biological activity, E.coli.

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