Study the Effect of Ribavirin Drug on the histological structure of the testes in Albino mice (Mus musculus)

Thekra Atta Ibrahim


The results have gotten from this study was showed that all animals of two experiment groups that inoculated with Ribavirin drug appeared change in the thickness of seminiferous tubule wall of the testes and contraction in them where its appearance became irregularly and crooked as well as observed emergence of Vaculation. Also some sections of the sperm tubules Seminiferous tubule revealed increased in the widening of the distance between the germ cells and ecdysis of the epithelial tissue and aggregation in the cavity of some Seminiferous tubule also the occurrence of degeneration and raised the distance between neighboring Sertoli cells.

Keywords: Testes, Sertoli cells, Ribavirin, Seminiferous tubules, Leydig cells, Mus musculus.

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