The Study of all the Optical, Electrical and the Performance Coefficients for the (Rhodamine B - Acriflavine) Laser Dyes Solar Cells Doped with Nanoparticles

Mithaq M. Mehdy Al- Sultani


In this study of the effect of nanomaterials on the performance of Solar cells with laser dyes. The study included visual measurements of the dye solutions with different concentrations on the optical properties such as absorption and transmittance (A, T), the absorption coefficient, refractive index, reflectivity and optical conductivity at the wavelengths (400-800) nm. Using the UV-visible spectrum device, the value of the energy gap was calculated. The changing in the values of the previous variables the focus. The electrical properties as ( dielectric constant 14ε "> , the permittivity of  14ϵ "> , medium impedance 14Z">  , electrical conductivity 14 σE ">  were also calculated. the electrical response time 14tE">   dielectric time 14tdie "> ,  and the permeability 14μ">  were also calculated, and the solar cells Parameters ( 14Voc"> ), ( 14Isc"> ), ( 14Rsh"> ), ( 14Rs"> ), ( 14Pin"> ), (ŋ), F.F) with silver nanoparticles of higher efficiency than the cell coated with zinc oxide particles Zno is 16.9%.

Keywords: Rhodamine B dye, Acriflavine dye, Ag,Zno nanoparticles, Solar cell, laser dyes.

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