Can Maternal Age at Menopause Predict Daughters Antimullerian Hormone in Babylon?

Hanan Abduljabbar Al-Taee


Objective: daughter fertility potential is possibly related to her mother fertility and age at menopause. This study aims to determine any relationship between maternal age at natural menopause with anti mullerian hormone of mid reproductive age daughters. Design: questionnaire survey and blood sample of women attending gynecology clinic in Babylon\ Iraq from June 2014 - July 2018 .Subjects and Methods: this cross sectional study, collected questionnaire data from 106 (N=106) mother daughter pairs who fulfilled the study inclusion criteria out of a random population. For this analysis, young women (daughters) between the ages of 16 and 35 years, who provided a blood sample for anti mullerian hormone and their mother’s age at natural menopause were selected. Assessment of relationship between maternal age at menopause and their counterpart daughter anti mullerian hormone was done. Result: Person correlation for association of mother age at natural menopause with daughter anti mullerian hormone shows insignificant association. Conclusion: our selected mother-daughter pairs show no association between maternal age at natural menopause and serum anti mullerian hormone level.

Keywords: Maternal menopause, Anti mullerian hormone (AMH), Fertility, Mid reproductive age women.

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