Role of Sequencing Genetic for 708 T>A of Cholesterol 7α Hydroxylase (CYPA17) in Patient with Gallstone Disease

Antesar Rheem Obead


AIM: To investigated the association of the CYP7A1 gene polymorphism and analyze the sequencing of CYP7A1 gene   with development of gallstone disease in Iraq population. Methods: The polymorphism were analyzed by polymerase chain reaction followed by restriction fragment length polymorphism, in two group match by age and sex: patient with gallstone (n=140) and stone-free control (n=140).Result: Novelty single nucleotide   polymorphism   in upstream of   CYP7A1 gene   was founded for   PCR amplification   708 T >A in patient with gallstone and conformed by sequencing data and allelic frequencies in patient and control for T of CYP7A1 gene  38.2% vs 54.6% were significant (p=0.0001).Conclusion: The result have been demonstrated that association between the polymorphism of 708 T> A for CYP7A1 gene and an effect on cholesterol 7 α hydroxylase serum level with high prevalent of gallstone disease.

Keywords: CYP7A1, Gallstone, Polymorphism, Sequencing analyzing.

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