Bentonite as an Adsorption Surface for Bromothymol Blue Dye from Aqueous Solution

Kawther Ahmed Sadiq


Accomplishment of Adsorption of dye from aqueous solution on the surface of bentonite was done under the following optimized conditions: temperature, initial concentration, contact time and weight surface. Via utilizing the technique of UV-Vis spectophotometry at (λmax= 432 nm) the quantitative estimation of the dye adsorption has been performed. this study has demonstrated that the more increasing of  adsorption with the more increasing of temperature from 25 ˚C to 45 ˚C also increasing of clay weight (0.1-1.1 g).calculating thermodynamic parameters like change in the free energy (∆G), the enthalpy (∆H), the entropy (∆S). Results of adsorption isotherms obtained in this study were inconsitence with fitted with Freund lich adsorption isotherm.

Keywords: Adsorption, Bentonite, Bromothymol blue.

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