Synthesis and Antibacterial Activities of New 2-Mercapto-Imidazoline-4-one Derivatives

Sahar Abdullah Kadham


New 2-mercapto-imidazoline-4-one Derivatives comprising 1, 3-thiazoline, Schiff's bases, pyrazole, pyrimidine and γ - lactam moieties are reported. Compound1was synthesized by the reaction of thiourea with Chloro acetyl chloride, compounds 2a - dwere converted into thioester 3a - d Compounds contains pyrazole 5a - h and pyrimidine 6a - hweresynthesized by the reaction of hydrazine hydrate and thiourea with compounds 4a – h respectively Compounds 3a-d and 8a – d were converted into a variety of derivatives. All structural of compounds have been confirmed by FTIR, 1HNMR and mass spectra and tested for invitro antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aurous and Proteus mirabbilisby.

Keywords: imidazoline-4-one, 1, 3-thiazoline, Schiff's bases, Pyrazole, Pyrimidine  and γ – lactam.

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