The Efficacy of Vinegar against Contaminated Bacterial Isolates from the Hospital Environmental

Ashwaq MS Al-Jbouri


Objective Hospital environment can represent an important source of pathogens which high risk for patients. Acquired antimicrobial resistances is the major problem .Aims of this study to detection the common contaminant bacteria among the hospital environment and determine the antimicrobials activity of agents (Apple vinegar, Garlic vinegar, Dates vinegar, Raisin vinegar) against pathogenic bacteria isolated from hospital environment. Method In the study 172 samples were taken by swabs from three hospitals in Hilla city, from October 2016 to march 2017.Antimicrobial activity test of (apple, palm, garlic and black raisins) vinegar was determined by  MIC and Agar-well diffusion assay, alsoantibiofilm Formation and ant adherence activity of vinegar against microbes were determined. Result In this study, 172 samples were taken from three Hospitals in Hilla city the result showed that 73 (42.44%) samples were positive cultured and 99 (57.55%) negative cultured from total samples. Staphylococcus aureus37 (33%) was highly isolated from other microbes followed by Bacillus anthrax. Conclusion Staphylococcus aureus is more common in Hospitals in Babylon Provence, vinegar is the most effective substance that killing bacteria that contaminate hospital environment.

Keyword: Hospital environment, Vinegar, Antimicrobial agents, Adhesion, Biofilm production.

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