Multi Objective Optimal Operation of Micro Grid

Mahdi Mozaffari Legha


In recent years, the utilization of renewable energy sources in supplying electricity energy has resulted in more reliable and efficient operation with better power quality and flexibility especially distribution network. However, from the operation and management points of view, the high utilization of the distributed generation can cause unexpected challenges which a part of them is addressed by microgrids (MGs) problem. In this paper, for analysis some of unexpected challenges such as uncertainty in wind and sun power, the optimal operation of grid-connected MG during a specific day and with considering a proper mathematical model for simplifying the optimization program, is investigated. The considered MG consisted of wind turbines, Photovoltaic (PV) systems, battery energy storage, diesel generator and local loads. The wind speed and sun irradiation data are obtained for a rural village which is located in 470.5'N and 350.59'E in Kurdistan province in Iran. By applying the demand response (DR) strategy to the optimal operation program, the results are compared with typical operation condition (non-DR) of the MG. In addition, the impacts of uncertainties such as wind speed and sun irradiations variations on the optimal operation of the MG are investigated. The optimal sizes of the MG components are obtained with HOMER software.

Keywords: Component; Optimal operation; Micro grid; Renewable energy, Demand response; Uncertainty.

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