A Thermodynamic Study of Adsorption 2-(4-Antipyriyl azo) Orcinol [APAO] on Zincoxide as Adsorbent

Nuha Abdul-Saheb Ridha


We can remove Organic materials contaminated from their solutions in several methods, for examples the Adsorption. In this research was studies adsorption APAO which dissolved in 2.5% ethanol/water by the Zinc Oxide as adsorbent. The adsorption isotherms it was found similar to L4-shape according to Gilles classification. Also it studied the influence of adsorbent weight and adsorption time on removal% of APAO; it was 0.35gm best weight and 35 min. best time. The impact of changing the function of the acidic PH on removal% of APAO was found as follows (PH=4> PH=10> PH=7). The thermodynamic values were calculated (∆H, ∆G, ∆S) depending on changing temperature with concentration were (+24.74002KJ/mol, +9.4256KJ/mol, +51.390J/mol.K).

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