Water Quality Assessment of Some Rivers in Al-Qadisiyah Province, Middle Euphrates/ Iraq

Hazim A. Walli


The assessment of water quality of some rivers has been intensively studied, however, a number of problems remain to be solved in order to enhance the assessment. The Present study was undertaken with aim of obtaining information about Hamza River, Diwaniya River, and Al-Shamyia River. The investigations were carried out to understand the present status of Rivers-water quality. The primary objective of the study is to find out quality of water from different sampling stations regarding composition of water from Rivers of Al-Qadisiyah city. The quality of determination by making the measurements and physical - chemical testing was examined. The study area consists of following Rivers located in different parts of the metropolis. The current study basically examines some physical and chemicals parameters for various samples that were taken from AL-Shamyia, Hamza, and Al-Diwaniya Rivers for various characteristics including: Temperature, pH, Electrical, Conductivity, Chloride, Sulphate, Phosphate, Turbidity, Hardness, total alkalinity, Dissolve oxygen, Chemical oxygen demand, and Biological oxygen demand. All samples had been collected in three locations: south of Shamyia River, Hamza River, and Al-Diwaniya River in November, December, January and February of 2016. In general, the pollution of Hamza River was more than Al-Diwaniya, Shmyia Rivers in terms of Temperature, PO4, SO4 and Chloride. While Al-Diwaniya River shows high value more than Hamza and Shamyia represented in pH and Chemical oxygen demand.

Keywords: Water Quality Assessment, Temperature, pH, Electrical, Conductivity, Chloride, Sulphate, Phosphate, Turbidity, Hardness.

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