Assessment of IL17BR Serum Concentration in Females with benign & Malignant Breast Tumors

Haider Abed Ali Alshawi


Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous and most common malignancies  among women in the world, which affects different age groups of women, IL-17 plays an important role in chronic inflammation and cancer, Serum IL-17BR concentration which useful in early diagnosis and staging of breast tumors.  The aim of the study was to evaluate of IL-17BR serum concentrations in patients with benign and malignant breast tumors and study the relation between the above parameter and breast cancer development. The study population was composed of 120 samples 24 patients with recently diagnosed breast carcinoma, 6 patients with repetitive carcinoma, 40 patients with benign breast tumor (fibroadenoma) and 50 normal apparently health woman as a control.ELISA technique was applied for estimation of IL-17BR levels in patients as well as apparently healthy volunteers of women. The results revealed the mean age of malignant breast females was 52.8 ± 12.3 (Mean ± SD), while it was 26.9 ± 8.3 years for women with benign tumor with highly significant difference (P<0.001), IL-17BR level was determined and found that was a highly significant difference in its level among benign breast females subjects (72.48 Ng/ μL) and healthy control (50.87 Ng/ μL) P< 0.001), no significant difference in the mean of sIL-17BR level among the different patients‘ groups (49.83, 64.33 Ng/ μL) for recurrent and primary breast cancer respectively. Estimation of IL-17BR level showed significant elevation of the concentration among the sera of recurrent breast cancer in comparison with other groups which perhaps regarded as a prognostic marker.

Keywords: IL-17BR, Fibro adenoma, Breast cancer, Carcinoma, ELISA.

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